Shifting Perceptions is critical to Reversing Directions

Parkinson's is not a result of witchcraft or curse.

It's not a cause for shame or isolation. 

It's a treatable disease.


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Your support and contributions will enable us to begin to properly care for people with Parkinson's in Uganda. 

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Donations go directly into an account owned by Sherryl Klingenhofer, President of Parkinson's Si Buko. Sherryl will collect all donations and wire money to Kabugo Hannington, Director of Operations for PSB. Hannington will then deposit the money into the PSB organization account based in Uganda. This method is the best we are able to provide at this point. We realize this requires a great deal of trust in our organization leaders. Please know how vigilant we are about this cause, about every penny, and in maintaining public trust. 

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Can you imagine having a neurological condition and your family won't touch you because they're afraid they will catch your condition? Or that people believe you practice witchcraft because of your condition? 

This is what Parkinson's (PD) in Uganda often feels like. We're shifting perceptions of PD so those suffering with it and their families can reverse their normally rapid declines. 


Our History

In Uganda, Parkinson's disease is often misunderstood. Parkinson's Si Buko means Parkinson’s is not witchcraft.  

Kabugo Hannington's efforts to spread awareness and dispel myths began in 2017. Sherryl Klingenhofer discovered his cause in 2018 and immediately began helping to fund and promote the campaign. Parkinson's Si Buko Uganda Project received its Certificate of Incorporation in Uganda in May 2019. 

Demand for information, treatments, and medical care for people with PD has significantly exceeded expectations. This area is vastly underserved, thus, we feel compelled to meet community needs naturally arising as a result of disseminating awareness.


Our Mission

Parkinson's Si Buko Uganda exists to remove the stigma of Parkinson's disease, educate on symptoms and proper care, and secure access to resources as needs and opportunities arise.



Parkinson's disease awareness campaigns and dispelling myths through media, community messaging, and taxicab banners

Fun Run for PD awareness and support, the first of its kind in Uganda, if not sub-Sahara Africa

Health care professional conference attended by 80+ people regarding all aspects of PD

Media coverage in Ugandan national newspaper (see accompanying image)

Media coverage (one-hour) on national TV talk show

Secured dedicated hospital space exclusively for Parkinson's disease patient care


Purchased walkers to distribute to people with PD as needed

Continuously identify people likely living with PD and arrange physician access

Doctor/patient medical camp for diagnosing PD

Negotiate to secure grants, funding, suppliers for PD-specific medications

Create library of PD books and literature for patient reference and check out

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